All smartphone users now definitely need the WhatsApp application to support the most relevant communication media. Despite the many other types of communication applications, WhatsApp remains the most popular top choice today. Did you know that there are some hidden features of this WhatsApp application ? Let’s see the explanation below.


This hidden feature of the WhatsApp app also doesn’t require any third parties or other app additions to activate it. Simply by entering thesettings of the original application from WhatsApp and select the feature you want. Don’t worry, the way to activate the feature is also quite easy if you can understand it.


Here are 4 Hidden Features of the WhatsApp App That You Must Know

Last Seen Connection Removal Feature from Your WhatsApp ApplicationROULLETE TELAH MENJADI SANGAT TERKENAL DAN MENYENANGKAN

This hidden feature of the first WhatsApp application is specifically for those of you who don’t want the last connection to be seen. So the system of the ini feature is to remove the trace mark in the form of the last hour of accessing WhatsApp. To be able to activate it, you can enter the Settings menu, continue by selecting the security menu and disabling it in the option of Last Seen.

You can feel the advantages of this hidden feature if you want to get peace of mind. You must have experienced the uncomfortable feeling of answering messages or calls from someone, right, well this last seen feature really helps you to avoid these conditions for  a while until you can feel calm again.

Features To Find Out Who Your Favorite Contacts Are That You Often Contact


By utilizing the hidden features of this WhatsApp application , you can find out whose contacts are the favorit for you or whose contacts contact you the most often. To enable it, enter the settings then continue on the data storage menu and open it in the last section of data storage usage.

Features To Listen To Rekaman Audio Before Pressing Send Button

Well, the hidden feature of the WhatsApp application on this one will certainly be very functional for those of you who are afraid if there is an error in the voice message you will send. There are still many of these features that do notunderstand how the user is. You can start recording, if you immediately exit the application then your recording will be stored there.

Background Features With Different Background Characteristics In Each Contact

For the hidden feature of theWhatsApp application, it  can be a special marker on each contact you save. Because this feature supports the use of backgrounds that can be adjusted at any time by adjusting each of your chats. Here, you can use the image youhave or use the image that is already available to become a background.

Well, those are some of the hidden features of the WhatsApp application that are rarely known to others. With this, your WhatsApp application will be considered interesting and considered cooland different from other WhatsApp applications. Even on the contrary, you can spread information about this hidden feature of WhatsApp to your friends.

Because some of the hidden features of the WhatsApp application will certainly be very functional tosupport comfort. Moreover, this hidden feature does include a secret feature from WhatsApp itself, if you are not good at processing, searching, and utilizing advantages like in this application, you will be part of them yang less fortunate.