Surabaya is the famous capital of East  Java and is visited  by  many tourists both foreign and  local. The city, which is located near the  north coast  , offers many interesting Surabaya  tourist destinations and does not deserve to be  missed when visiting  this city. If you are or want to visit Surabaya, make sure you have to come here.


A Series of  Surabaya  Tourist Destinations Specifically for Those of You Who Want to Vacation in This One City 

 The Most Interesting and Must-Visit  Surabaya Tourism Recommendations: Ria Kenjeran Beach


 Talking about Surabaya, of course we  cannot be separated from the name of beach tourism. We will be  presented with a  lot of panoramic views of the beach that  can make us relax and  enjoy life more. One of  the  beaches that is a cool tourist spot is Ria Kenjeran Beach. This beach is located in the north of Muhammadiyah University Surabaya and there are two beaches.

 This Surabaya  tourist spot  does have two beaches, the first is the old Kenjeran Beach which is located in the northwest of  the  new beach and the second is  Ria Kenjeran Beach  which is located just north of the  University Muhammadiyah Surabaya. You can enjoy water  tourism such as a boat or just enjoy the beach sand and the panorama  of the waves that roll slowly on KenjerAn  Beach.

 The Most Interesting and Must-Visit Surabaya Tourism Recommendations: Kampung Bulak

Have you ever seen a color village  in Malang? Very interesting, isn’t it?  It turns out that in Surabaya there is also, you know,  a color village  that is very Instagramable and suitable for a place to increase content on Instagram. This village is located north of  Kenya Beach and  is one of  the  places that was originally very shabby and full of scattered garbage that made it very dirty.

Because mayor Tri Rismaharini came down directly, Bulak Village  became a famous Surabaya  tourist destination and was transformed into an interesting village  with a   beachside embankment  that was able to prevent abrasion.  Now, Kampung Bulak is one of  the  interesting places for tourists to visit, you know.  Those of you who like photos are really obliged to  come to Bulak Village.

 The Most Interesting and Must-Visit Surabaya Tourism Recommendations:  Mangrove Ecotourism

Next, there is Mangrove  Ecotourism that  you can visit when visiting the city of Surabaya.   Mangrove Ecotourism is located on Jalan Raya Wonorejo Number 1, Rungkut.   This tourist spot offers the  beautiful beauty of the  beach and the green mangroves that are very beautiful.  This place  can be a means of recreation as well as education about the importance of preventing abrasion.

At first this place wasa mangrove  ecological conservation that  was deliberately planted to reduce the  abrasion of a large enough  beach. Good governance and management from the   Surabaya  Government makes This Wonorejo  Mangrove  Ecotourism is open to the  public and used as a Suraba tourist attraction which is very interesting for visited by tourists.

You  can also rent a boat to go around and enjoy the beauty of wonorejo  mangrove  tourist attractions,  you know. So, not only the road, but you can also enjoy the beautiful sea and beaches.

Well, that was a brief discussion about  surabaya  destinations and  tourist attractions that are suitable and can be your vacation reference when going to Surabaya.  Make sure you have to visit the  place above  at the right  time and  you can reach it. There are still  many other   venues spread across Surabaya, but we present the three recommendations above  first for you to  visit.